Days Of The Nones

Days Of The Nones

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Days of the Nones

Twelve artists > Twelve images
one advent calendar > one 2015 calendar

Daniel Shanken > January
Chooc Ly Tan > February
Markus Vater > March
Emma Hart > April
Alix Marie > May
Sabrina Ratté > June
Doggerland > July
Frauke Dannert > August
Cyril Lepetit > September
William Daniels > October
Tai Shani > November
Patrick Furness > December

In the Roman Calendar – Nones (Nonae) were known to be the days of the half moon which usually occur several days before/after the Ides (the days of full-moon).

Everyday, from Friday the 12th until Wednesday the 23rd of December, an image was revealed on
These 12 works were then printed into a 2015 calendar which was disseminated internationally into art space offices.

A- – -Z is an exploratory curatorial platform produced by Anne Duffau. Taking the formula of the alphabet, A—Z uses words related to the idea of Entropy as a starting point to map out and test various unstable potentials. One letter, one experiment, twenty six times

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